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Serie di 2 deflettori dell’aria Peugeot – 407, 407 SW Codice 9621G6

€ 53.17

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Questo prodotto è da scontare


Set 2 deflectors for the front door.

Convex shape methacrylate, impact resistant, transparent, gray colored.
When cleaning dirty deflectors do not use alcohol-based.
Carefully observe the installation instructions, particularly with regard to cleaning and degreasing door.
Very quick snap-on assembly to window seals flexibility component.
It comes with installation manual.
It allows restore the air inside the vehicle without the risk of draft.
It allows you to ride in the rain with the window open and facilitate demisting side windows.
Developed by the car manufacturer, the deflector helps to maintain the anti-pinch function with electrically operated windows, perfectly suits the dimensions of the front door and fits the style of the vehicle.
Simple and quick installation.