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Serie di 2 barre del tetto trasversali Peugeot 607 Codice 9616Q5

€ 142,28

Ulteriori informazioni:

Questo prodotto verrà scontato fino al 20%
Set of 2 aluminum transverse roof bars.
It is attached to the roof rails.
Maximum load: 100 kg.
They are supplied assembled with the mounting manual.
Set of roof bars homologated by the regulation City Crash Test.
Roof bars comply with precise and exacting tender conditions, ensuring optimum mounting even at high speeds. Passed the toughest test of resistance (equivalent to 10,000 km on the track) on the road simulator. They were tested in a wind tunnel to improve their aerodynamics.
The product is approved by the German organization TUV certification.
Made of aluminum, they are very aesthetic, and consistent with the style of the vehicle.
They are adjustable longitudinally (in the direction of travel) for adapting the size of the load.
If your vehicle does not have a roof rails must be ordered, see accessories.