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Serie di 2 barre del tetto trasversali Peugeot 308 Codice 9616W2

€ 139,55

Ulteriori informazioni:

Questo prodotto verrà scontato fino al 20%

DESCRIPTION – Serie di 2 barre del tetto trasversali Peugeot 308

  • Set of 2 “quick bar” transverse roof bars made of anodised aluminium, lockable at each base with a key.
  • Fixing onto the roof anchoring points.

  • “QUICK Bar” automatic roof ba
  • Maximum load : 80kg.
  • Set of roof bars delivered assembled, with fitting instructions.
  • Set of roof bars City Crash Test compliant.

  • The roof bars comply with precise and rigorous specifications that guarantee optimum fixing, even at high speed. They are subjected to the severest endurance tests (equivalent to 10,000 km of track, road simulated) and wind tunnel tests to optimise the aerodynamics.
  • The fixing method in the case of “QUICK Bars” means that they quick and easy to install, and requiring no tools. No more locking keys, the bars are secured and released by means of a catch on each base.
  • As well as being so practical, the “QUICK bars” system increases both the safety and reliability of fitting.
  • These roof bars are City Crash Test approved (international safety standard). They are guaranteed safely and securely attached.
  • The security system protects the roof bars against theft.
  • In aluminium, they are particularly attractive and harmonise with the vehicle’s styling.